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Upstate United Soccer Club was founded in 2009 in Greenville, SC with the mission of providing a high level soccer experience at a fraction of the price. We've always striven to help our athletes improve their on-field skill sets and their ability to read the game while also developing strong character. We started with two teams then and have grown to include several more now. We've been involved in camps, clinics, tournaments, and even been invited to come train with college teams since then.

If an athlete wants to play at the college level, we're committed to helping that dream become a reality. If an athlete is looking to try something new and wants to have fun, our goal is to give them that outlet as well. We want to be an environment that is welcoming for all types of players and for that reason - we don't do tryouts. That's not to say that everyone will earn the same playing time, but one thing that is true here is that you will get out of it what you put in. No politics, no drama - just soccer.

Give us a shout if you're interested in being a part of our team! You can view our past records & results below.

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